Jolly Phonics in playgroup

The children will start to learn their letter sounds by using Jolly Phonics.

Each letter has an action which helps them remember the letter. We start with the group of letters s.a.t.p.i.n. These letters make more simple three letter words than any other six letters.

The rhymes and actions we use

are as follows:-


s – Weave hand in an s shape,

       and say sssss

a – Wiggle finger above elbow

       as if ants crawling on you

       and say a, a, a.

t – Turn head from side to side

      as if watching tennis and

      say t, t, t.

p – Pretend to puff out candles

      and say p, p, p.

i - Pretend to be a mouse by wriggling fingers at

the end of nose and squeak i, i,

n – Make a noise, as if you are a plane – hold

arms out and say nnnnn.


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