Mission statement

Our mission at St. Gabriel’s Playgroup is to focus on the whole child, providing quality education and care for our children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.

We provide a safe nurturing environment that our children and families feel welcome and comfortable in.

Our professionally trained staff guide our children in their learning and development.

 We believe in letting the children create their curriculum based on their interests and their environment, which our staff will help them build on by giving support and guidance for ideas and resources.

We believe that parents / carers / guardians and family have the most influence in a child’s life. We view parents as our partners in their children’s education.

Our surrounding community is a fantastic resource for learning at St Gabriel’s playgroup. We aim to integrate the community into the setting. Our children will go out and explore the community and environment around them. We also have community members come in to playgroup and share the knowledge with our children and staff.

Our most important goal is to provide the children the opportunity to succeed.



















Our Philosophy is that children are little miracles.

We believe that children need to be safe, safe to explore their world and try new things.

They need to feel nurtured.

They need to know that they are special and unique.

Their feelings count, their sadness is comforted, their joy is shared and their accomplishments praised.

Children need to be stimulated academically.

They need an age appropriate curriculum, which will allow them to be successful.

They need opportunities to express their creativity.

Children are social and as they move from parallel play to co-operative play they need guidance towards socially acceptable behaviour.

Children need to be children and need to play and pretend and embrace this wonderful stage in their lives.

Registered Charity Number 1036707

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