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Rag. Charity No. 1036707

A typical morning session

Activities are planned for the individual children to

build on their next steps through workshop areas.

The children choose resources from a wide range

that are either in the areas or by looking through

the resource book. Resources are available inside

and outside. The Manager carries out a fire risk

assessment and risk assessments daily. Briefing by Deputy, about the daily issues concerning children.

8.30am to 9.30am Welcome  - A practitioner will be assigned to a resource area inside, and outside, to assist children with their activities as they come in and talk to the parents/carers. Red book bags are put on pegs with the children's name tag showing. If you do not have enough time to speak to a practitioner, please ask for an appropriate time to liase. Everyone comes indoors at 9.30am, unless an outside activity has been planned.

9.45am We all have snack together, adults and children, where children are encouraged to have a drink and a healthy organic snack, and topics are discussed.

10.00 to 11.50am Free Flow - Children will chose their own activities inside and outside and practitioners will interact where needed. Children will be taken in small groups for activities, according to the planning sheets, to encourage them to achieve their next steps. To include - Singing Time  – the children choose circle games, music and movement or a story. Some days we have Forest School, natural outside activities.  

11.50 to noon Home reading book changed.  Circle Time Children wash their hands, and are encouraged to sit and listen to a story/reflect on what they have learnt that morning.

Lunch Club - Children get their packed lunch bags, that they have brought from home, from the trolley and sit at tables to eat lunch. Every child has a plate, and are encouraged to eat savoury things first and sweet things after. Practitioners will sit with the children and encourage good manners and quiet chat. When they have finished, they will be  encouraged to put their lunch bag back on the lunch trolley, wash their hands and select resources for quiet time indoors and utilise the planning for that area.

Some children sleep in the sleep area, carefully watched by a practitioner.