How we collect information from our visitors


When we think about cookies, we usually conger up images small rounded delicious chocolatey filled biscuits, but sadly in the realms of internet technology we find ourselves thinking of files which are placed within our website to identify your computer as you view different pages on our website.

These Cookies allow websites and applications to store your preferences to present content, options or functions that are specific to you. They allow our setting to gain a much deeper understanding of what people are looking at, thus providing an insight into the references of visitors.

One of the benefits of Cookies is that they enable our setting to identify how many people have visited our website and for what purpose. This information feeds into our planning and allows us to analyse web traffic, identify who is signed into the site, what pages are being visited as well as recognise when you return to our site. The Cookies will also store the information and the preferences of each user again presenting interesting facts, likes and interests of the individual visiting.

Please note that Cookies DO NOT in any way allow our systems to penetrate your own devices. The information taken is only the information that you the user chooses to share with us.

You do have the option to change the options of your own web Browser’s cookie settings. For example, should you choose not to have data collected from our website, you are able to set your web browser to prohibit cookies. If you decide to do this, then some of the functions and elements of our site may not work properly on your device, and some services may not be available to you.

Please note that unless you have manually changed your own web browser to refuse our cookies, then our website will continue issue cookies when you visit each page.