Cleaning Routines:

Daily cleaning routines will largely remain the same, as high standards of good hygiene are currently in place. However, in areas where there are hard surfaces that are infrequently cleaned or not cleaned to a high enough standard the following will be put in place:

All frequently used hard surfaces will be cleaned with a hard surface cleaning and sanitising solution each day.

Hand Washing Routines:

To ensure the staff, children, parents and visitors are washing their hands in line with the current guidelines the following will be put in place:

On arrival to playgroup all adults and children will sanitise their hands in the entrance hall.

Staff should wash their own hands before supporting a child to wash theirs.

During the day children and staff will wash their hands after going to the toilet or having their nappy changed, before meals or snacks, and when arriving back from a walk.

St. Gabriel’s playgroup will introduce a Song to encourage the children to wash their hands with soap and water, and for at least twenty seconds.  

Children’s guides on handwashing will go in all bathrooms.

Hands can be washed with a disposable baby wipe for very young children when returning from a walk and before any meal. Individual face cloths are used at meal times, and will be washed after each use on a 60 degree wash cycle.  

Staff must wash their hands before preparing or serving food even if wearing gloves.

If a case of Covid 19 is confirmed within the setting, the playgroup will be closed for 10 days and the premises and resources will be deep cleaned.





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