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Our approach to personalised learning for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage


Staff structure the Early Years Foundation Stage around children’s expressed needs and likes. Our pre-school is divided into learning areas. Children democratically choose their own learning topics. They build and design their own role play and design new learning areas. All elements of the Early Years Foundation Stage are taught in this child-friendly context. The physical environment has been broken down into agile learning spaces where the invitation to learn is made irresistible and free flow is encouraged. This allows for creative uses of resources and the development of a wide range of social and academic skills. They play freely and have greater freedom to self initiate the way in which they access learning opportunities.















Good practice  


St. Gabriel’s aims and objectives are focused on enabling all children to have a ‘willingness to learn’ which ‘leads to success’. This is demonstrated exceptionally well by staff who provide the best start to school life through the provision of memorable experiences which help children to develop personally and academically. A significant proportion of children exceed their age-related expectations by the time they are ready to move on to school.


How this is achieved  


We encourage the children to lead their learning and get them to tell the staff what they would like to do. In addition to the large space, surplus furniture is removed and areas created. The impact on the children’s learning is immediate, encouraging communication, creativity and social development. They can lay on the floor, sit on a cushion, build a den or relax in their play shed. They choose a comfortable environment and personal learning space where they excel. Progress measures have accelerated learning in all aspects of the early years foundation stage.

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