Helping your child at home



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     Help your child learn at home, 7 strategies


   Read to your child, take your child to the library, play with your child using magnetic letters, help your child learn the alphabet (lower case), teach your child numbers and counting, teach your child songs, poems or nursery rhymes, paint or draw with your child.                                                            



    Holding a Pencil                                                      

 When children start to use a pencil it is very important that they hold it in    

the correct way. The pencil should be held in the ‘tripod’ grip between the thumb and first two fingers. The grip is the same for both left and right handed children. If a child’s hold starts the wrong way, it is very difficult to correct later on .



   Teaching Children to Write

 When teaching writing, except for the initial of their name, all other letters are lower case...